consign guidelines



* We do not accept recalled items.  These can be found at

* All items will be checked. Unacceptable items will be returned to the seller.  We reserve the right to remove items found on the floor that are unacceptable.

What We Accept

  • Items for infants, children, teens, and maternity
  • Sizes Premie – 20 for both boys and girls
  • Shoe sizes infant through adult size 6
  • Accessories – socks, belts, backpacks, purses, hair bows, hats, etc.
  • Games, Toys, Electronics, Riding Toys
  • Nursery Decor, Nursery Bedding (no bumper pads, per recall), Kid’s Room Decor, Kid’s Bedding, Lamps, Art etc.
  • Fall/Winter Sale in September
    • Long sleeves
    • Long pants
    • Outerwear
    • Holiday/Season appropriate
    • Halloween costumes
    • Shorts or short sleeves that go with winter/holiday will be allowed if there are pinned as an outfit
  • Spring/Summer Sale in March
    • Short sleeves
    • Long sleeves in spring colors and lightweight fabrics
    • Lightweight jackets and sweaters
    • Swimsuits and swim gear
    • Spring/summer and holiday/season appropriate
  • Jeans are accepted at both sales
  • Please use your good judgment