drop off & pick up


Drop Off

​All items must be entered into the system by 5pm on Monday, March 2nd

As our volunteers are going through your items please remember that the lighting is much different at the church. Sometimes those pesky hidden stains show up in the different lighting.

Make sure your items look nice and smell nice (smoke-free) and remember we will only accept Spring & Summer clothing in March and Fall & Winter clothing in September.

You can always bring a friend along to help you bring in your items for Check-In. Plus hanging out with a friend is always fun.

DVD’s and Video Games, please do not seal them shut, we will be inspecting them to make sure they are not scratched as well.

schedule drop off.png

Pick Up

Please check your consignor inventory to see if you would like to pick up your unsold items. If you decide you want to donate what is left, please let us know at LilAngelsAttic@gmail.com

Saturday Remaining Items Pick Times

  • All consignor numbers pick up between 4:30-5:00pm

Pick Up for all consignors is Saturday March 7th

Any items not picked up by 5:15pm on Saturday March 7th will be donated!!