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About Registration:

Registration starts promptly at 9:15 and when all 350 spots are filled registration will close. Once all sellers spots are filled we are not able to take anymore sellers for the current sale.

Previous Consignors – If you have sold with us before you will need your consignor login number and password. (If you have forgotten them please email us at

New Consignors – If you have not sold with us before you will get your consignor number and password when you register the first time the morning of registration. It will not take long to get a new number and will not delay you acquiring a spot.

Seller Fee:

Please note that all Consignors who volunteer for one 3 hour shift will have the Seller Fee of $30 waived. All Consignors who are not able to volunteer for this sale will have the Seller Fee deducted from their check.

All items must be clean, in good condition, currently in style and in demand. Any items that are missing parts, chipped, cracked or broken will not be accepted. Batteries must be in working order. We may not be able to accept items that have been housed in a smoking or pet environment. We reserve the right to refuse any item due to condition, current inventory levels, or past experience.

For information about sellers guidelines please click here